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5 Steps to Nail Your Next Virtual Interview

We’ve all heard the embarrassing (and funny) stories of people getting caught pant-less on a video conference.

Interviewing is nerve-racking enough that embarrassment is the last thing you need. There are countless ways to prevent embarrassment and prepare for your next virtual interview, here are just a few.

Dress the part.

Please, PLEASE, wear pants during your interview. You may be at home, but you should dress like you are going into the office. You don’t want the interviewer to see your drawers accidentally, and they don’t want to see that either. Trust me.

Check your tech.

Check your internet connection and make sure the signal is strong.

You can check your internet speed online. One of our favorite sites is

Our IT wizards recommend you have at least 10 Mbps but the higher, the better. If your video doesn’t look good, set it up next to your router or, if you can, hardwire in.

Test your technology ahead of time. Call a friend or relative on video chat to ensure everything is running correctly.

Make sure your username shows up as your name and not the email you made in high school; that is ~super~ embarrassing.

Create a set

The interviewer can see you and everything behind you. Make sure it looks professional.

Don’t use a built-in backdrop of the stars. It’s a little tacky and can cause a delay in your video.

Make sure your lighting is adequate. It’d be best not to position yourself with a window or a light behind you as it makes it harder to see you.

Watch this video ⬇️ by the Harvard Business Review on posture and building your environment for success.

Once you are ready, you can check out how your set looks when test-calling your friend or relative.

Come prepared

Just like any interview, come prepared to answer all the typical interview questions. It would help if you also had questions ready for them.

Limit distractions

Interviewing from your home can prove difficult with barking dogs, screaming kids, and other distractions.

If you have these distractions at home, ask a friend or relative to help out while you are in your interview. Having the kids and pups out of the house will allow you to focus and prevent any random loud noises.

Follow these steps, and you’ll feel more prepared than ever for your next virtual interview!

Need a few more tips and tricks?

Check out this episode of the Work Awesome podcast featuring AVIAN hiring managers spilling their secrets on virtual interviews.

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