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7 Interview Questions to Catch Their Eye

“So, do you have any questions for me?”


You don’t want to be here.

Stuck in an interview with no questions to ask. An interview should be a two-way street. The interviewer will ask questions to determine if you are right for the job and you should ask questions to ensure the job is right for you.

There are some standard questions you should ask in an interview, and we will talk about those first, but it is the questions that are out of the ordinary that will make you stand out amongst the other candidates.

Some standard questions you may want to ask:

Is this a new or existing role?
This question helps frame whether you’ll be trailblazing in the future or filling someone’s shoes.

What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this position?
Some people prefer doing the same thing day after day, while others like to switch it up.

What can you tell me about the position that isn’t listed in the job posting?
They can only fit so much in the job posting, and this opens up the floor for the interviewer to add anything additional that didn’t fit.

What type of training or advancement do you offer?
If training or advancement is something you’re interested in, you’ll want to know going in whether you’re going to move up in the company or if they’ll help pay to further your education.

But, to really grab their attention, ask these:

Where do you see the company in 5 years, and how would the person in this role contribute to this vision?
You’ll get a great idea of where the company is headed in the next five years and also possibly a peek into your next five years. It is important to know where this company is headed and ensure its goals align with yours.

What is one thing you would change about this company? How about one thing you wouldn’t change?
This is one of my favorite questions to ask in an interview. The answer you get can tell a lot about the company and its values. Watch out for the company that says it wouldn’t change anything. A true leader will admit faults, as all companies have them. A company that thinks they have no need for improvement is a company that will not be able to adapt to an ever-changing market.

Is there anything about my resume that causes concern about my ability to do this job?
This is a question you have to ask with confidence and know that there is a chance you’ll need to justify the concern they may have. Interviewers don’t get asked this question often, and that can be a good thing.

Doesn’t it feel good when an interviewer says, “that’s a really good question.” Well, that’s a response you’ll get when asking these killer questions.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but with the right preparation, you are going to kill it!

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