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Full Frame Podcast | Episode 1 | Process Overview

Hosted by Ian Wolbert and joined by Morgan Hoey and Tina Carroll, the first episode of Full Frame Podcast gives a general overview of what goes into the process of creating the videos and an in-depth look at what this capability is and what the team has to offer to its client.  

AVIAN's video production team established itself in 2015, serving various customers in the government as well as commercial clients. AVIAN's team specializes in creating live-action films, virtual tours, and animated videos consisting of 2D animation, full motion graphics, and whiteboard animation. These styles can be combined to fit the customers' needs.  

"What sets AVIAN apart is our background in strategic communication. We are very deliberate so that visuals match up to the message and the customer's overall goal. This turns the video into an effective communication piece," explains Morgan Hoey, Senior Director of Training, Multimedia, and Consulting.  

There is no limit to the type of messages portrayed through AVIAN's video capability. The team creates videos for educational training, workforce development, promotional marketing, and awareness campaigns. The AVIAN team will take complicated subjects and make it easy to understand. For example, a simple animation, regardless of the information, is an excellent way to communicate with a K-12 audience.  

AVIAN's video team handles full project planning for each project, including concept, scripting, and finding talent for any roles that need to be filled. 

The video production process begins with a discovery kickoff meeting. This is where the customer talks about their objectives, problems, target audience, and any other information needed to help AVIAN understand the client's goal. Once the information is taken in, the team gives their professional recommendation. Next, the design phase comes into play. The customer is always involved every step of the way throughout this phase. 

Once the AVIAN team completes the filming, the editing phase begins.  

Sometimes unplanned factors might get in the way of production. This could be external factors like weather or internal factors such as personal anxiety about being filmed.  

"If we were having a difficult time getting through someone's interview, whether having to do with their anxiety, environmental distractions, or background noises, were always able to edit it to look and sound its absolute best," said Hoey. "One time, we had an interview outside, and the whole time a crow was cawing in the background; we could not get it to go away. During the editing process, we ended up completely cutting the crow out of the interview. Even if something goes wrong, it looks perfect when it comes out." 

Once the AVIAN team completes the editing process and the video passes the internal review, the project is presented to the customer with a chance to review and approve. 

Want to know more about AVIAN's Video Production Team and its process for making videos? Subscribe to the Full Frame Podcast and watch or listen to the first episode here:  

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