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Full Frame Podcast | Episode 2 | Pre-Production

Hosted by Ian Wolbert and joined by Morgan Hoey and Andrea Templeton, the second episode of Full Frame Podcast discusses the team's pre-production process. The crew discusses this process from start to finish, including details on the creative process, storyboards, site visits, and just how much really goes into pre-production. 

The first phase of the pre-production process, planning and research, begins with an initial kick-off meeting to find out exactly what the client is looking for. Starting off with a brainstorming session, this meeting gives the team information on what the client's end goal is and how they will help them reach that goal.  

An important question to ask is "Where are they now, and where do they want to be?" "Once we know this, we know how to frame the content," states Andrea Templeton, who is part of the video production team at AVIAN.  

The team focuses their research efforts on how they can create something that is new, different, and never been done before. A common strategy used by the AVIAN team is to look at existing material and find ways they can improve upon it or take a different approach that is going to help the customer reach their goals.  

The AVIAN video production team has many subject matter experts at their disposal to accurately produce videos that tailor to specific subject fields. It is important to the team that they produce quality products that include accurate information. There is constant collaboration within the process to make sure the information in the content is accurate.  

AVIAN's experts in strategic communication know how to create a central message and center the whole project around that. They make sure the message is clear in the scripting, interviews, and visuals.  

"Having been on the client side before, I loved the experience of working with AVIAN. We came in kind of knowing what we wanted, but different stakeholders had different ideas. When we walked into AVIAN, it felt like someone took the weight off us. It felt like we could relax," states Templeton.  

For the AVIAN video production team, using a storyboard is a vital part of their creative process. This tool helps guide production, as both sides know exactly what is going on, and helps tremendously with organization. A storyboard helps create a shared vision; one person's idea can be interpreted entirely differently when conveyed to multiple people.  

For animated projects, the team creates a fully illustrated storyboard that has snapshots of what each scene on screen will look like, and depictions of the movement on screen. For film, the team uses reference images, drawings, or a two-column graphic that maps an intended visual with an intended portion of the script.  

When preparing for a shoot, the AVIAN team scouts the location ahead of time to get a sense of what they're working with, where to position the lights and cameras, perform a security check on the equipment, and take care of anything else that could cause the team to fall behind schedule.

AVIAN wants to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Making it easy for the customer is a huge overarching theme for AVIAN's video production team.  

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