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Full Frame Podcast | Episode 3 | Production Process

Hosted by Ian Wolbert and joined by Tina Carroll and Paul Kwak, the third episode of Full Frame Podcast discusses the team's production process. The crew discusses their successes and challenges and gives some tips to help you with your next video. 

On filming day, in addition to scouting the area ahead of time, the team arrives at the location early to ensure the best setup. This includes finalizing the background shots, camera angles, and lighting. The team compiles a shot list during the pre-production process, so there is some idea of what background will be used. Filming day requires a lot of preplanning, so arriving early at the location allows the team to work out any problems beforehand and ensure they do not fall off schedule.  

"The filming process is a marriage of the planning side and the creative side." "My goal is to give everyone enough structure to be creative," states Tina Carroll, lead of AVIAN’s multimedia production team.  

Recently, filming welcome messages for a change of command ceremony has been an exceedingly popular request. While on set, the AVIAN video production team typically consists of three to four camera operators, multiple members of the crew to assist with production tasks, and those who are being interviewed. The filming time typically takes about an hour and a half, even if the team is only recording a quick message. However, filming time depends on what the customer is looking for. 

For the team to feel satisfied after the filming process, they want to be sure they have enough b-roll. It is worse to not have enough b-roll, than to have too much. Having an excess of b-roll ensures that there is plenty of optional content the team can implement. More importantly, this ensures that they do not have to return to the site to film more content.

"We give the customer a schedule; we don’t want to keep them for longer than that," states Paul Kwak, member of AVIAN’s video production team.

As the team strives to eliminate any foreseeable problems that can slow down production, there are some things that are out of the team’s control. Eternal factors such as the weather or loud noises can force the team to have to interview people multiple times to get a usable take.

For every virtual tour, the AVIAN video production team makes two different versions. The first version of the video is for the K-12 community, which is widely available for teachers to use and include in their lesson plans, and the second version of the video can be used from a recruiter standpoint. The recruiting video allows employers to highlight what the company does to attract potential talent. 

Want to know more about AVIAN's Video Production Team and its process for making videos? Subscribe to the Full Frame Podcast and watch or listen to the third episode here:   

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