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How to Build Your Network During a Pandemic

Interestingly enough, online networking isn't new. Networking platforms have existed for years now, but we were a little slow in adapting. The use of online platforms and/or resources boomed during the pandemic and still continues to be widely used.

What makes using platforms and resources online better? 

Two words, practical and convenient.  

How? Let’s look at an example.

Teleconferences save a lot of money for companies to use elsewhere. They can also be recorded and sent out to everyone who couldn’t attend the meeting. Making it easier for people to get training or resources without an issue. Furthermore, teleconferences have become easier to find through search engines and websites that place the information online.  

Now, these are just a few benefits of online platforms, so keep reading for more as we understand the impact of networking.  

The same goes for virtual job fairs and networking platforms.  

Beyond being convenient, online networking events allow people to build connections with other professionals or companies. This creates an opportunity for mentorship, new ideas, new information about business techniques or industry development, etc. Additionally, networking provides a personal evaluation of career goals and skills.

Everything is an option; it’s figuring out how the information applies to you so your future becomes what you want. In this, there becomes a sense of flexibility for people in what they choose. To go or not to go? To listen to each speaker or employer?  

Specifically, virtual job fairs provide time flexibility for an employer and a future employee. The convenience of being online allows people to schedule at a time that is less disruptive to their day or to find another option. There are more virtual job fairs and online events to look for than only being limited to a few in-person events. Also, not to forget, virtual tends to all personalities. People converse online with others who may not have been comfortable talking in person.  

However, the opposing idea is that people don’t get the chance to talk virtually unless they speak up. This can be managed both online and in-person through one-on-one conversation, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. It can be misleading since online sometimes doesn’t reflect how many people are talking to one person.  

Nonetheless, virtual networking allows others to meet people they potentially would have never met. It eliminates personal and physical barriers. No one is limited in finding positions and people all over the world through online networking increases potential jobs or advice. Having more options or opinions allows for better success. With that, brings satisfaction.  

At the end of the day, any networking is good. Make the most out of the experience for both virtual and in-person networking. From there, you will find what you need. Success will come as you build your network. It’s a matter of finding the right people, place, and time for you to shine.

This article covers the basics; for more tips about virtual networking, listen to our Networking During a Pandemic episode of the Work Awesome Podcast for all the details! You may be surprised about how much they can help you even as we move towards a post-pandemic life.

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