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Preparing for Your First Job

Finding your first corporate job isn’t easy. It may take some guidance and a few detours to get where you want to go. Career paths can lead you closer to where you want to be and the choices you make determine how fast or how slow you get there. As you discover your route, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Where to look

In finding any position, start with utilizing professional networking apps or websites. This can help you find open positions quickly and apply easily. When searching for an area of work, it's important to look at adding more specific information into the search bar. For example, typing in communications will give you page after page of job listings whereas if you type in marketing communications there will be less results.  

It can also be useful to apply to a position on the company’s direct website. Taking the time to look at the website and learn about the company shows recruiters how interested you are. After you apply, a recruiter can see your application and where it came from through their tracking system. By applying directly, it can help you stand apart from other job network applicants.  

Another way to find a position is through word of mouth. Positive interactions and impressions may lead to other professionals promoting you through the conversations they have with company leaders or other connections. In doing so, the people they know may help you find a job faster.  

When you search

Don’t be afraid to ask the people you know! Your network has insider knowledge that will be beneficial.  

As you are searching for positions and connecting with others, it’s important to be honest with yourself. What are you truly looking for? How much money do you want to make verses how much you actually need? Figuring out specifics can help give answers for what you should expect or ask for.  

Never give up! The process for finding a job can be long, but if you keep pushing something will come from it. Each stop is part of the journey.  

What else can you do?

While you are looking for a position, give your best where you are. Your current job can give a recommendation and/or add valuable skills to your resume. Also, training or doing more in your current role can show your professional growth. By strengthening your resume through trainings, certifications, taking on more work, etc., it can assist you in finding tailored options.  

In making a resume, think about the positions and industry you want. The information can be specific or generalized to make a one-page resume. On the resume include little design work, so recruiters and their applicant tracking systems can read the information easily.

Utilizing these steps will create a much smoother journey down your first career path. It takes time and energy to figure out where you are going. These tips can help you at any point and be used multiple times. With a new start, always look at revising your process or steps to support yourself later on in your career journey.

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