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Successful Isolated Teams Hinge on eLearning

Mar 25th, 2020

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Workplaces near and far are operating at maximum telework to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has many people wondering how to achieve effective workforce training and development with a dispersed team.

While the end of traditional classroom instruction may not be a forgone conclusion, current guidance on social distancing may very well lead to a long-term shift toward online learning.

To help organizations stay prepared and connected during this time of isolation, AVIAN’s eLearning team offers an agile and collaborative approach to developing online courseware. Through rapid design analysis, and input gathered directly from the customer and audience, AVIAN eLearning delivers quality materials to students as quickly as possible.

“Although eLearning isn’t a new concept, the need for rapid and mature online learning options is unprecedented right now,” said Beth Ward, vice president for AVIAN’s Training, Multimedia, and Consulting sector. "Pivoting a traditional classroom instruction is essential right now and is exactly what our team has been successfully doing for years.”

AVIAN’s talented developers are passionate about creating courseware that engages employees and redirects organizational energy toward meaningful change. The AVIAN eLearning signature approach to training combines a rich military heritage of discipline and rigor with captivating storytelling practices and the latest eLearning delivery trends.

These solutions ensure remote teams stay informed. A multidimensional approach to learning incorporates self-paced eLearning, instructor-led courses and customized workshops.

Our experts offer: 

  • eLearning Courseware Design and Development
  • Reimagination of Existing Course Materials for Digital Delivery
  • Educational Video Production

For additional details on AVIAN’s eLearning training solutions, including more information on how to get started on your specific courseware conversion or supplement, please contact us at

About AVIAN’s Training, Multimedia, and Consulting

AVIAN’s Training, Multimedia, and Consulting sector encompasses a highly-talented cadre of visual, written and oratory storytellers as well as sought-after subject matter experts assigned to special projects.

This group amazes clients with dazzling training courseware and instruction; a variety of digital and print media products; and tailored consultation and advising for our customer’s most pressing business challenges.


AVIAN (pronounced *a-v-yin*) is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business. We believe talent and passion generate solutions to today’s business challenges. We understand that these characteristics thrive in a business culture that embraces innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.

We are resourceful, responsive and reachable for our clients in program, financial, and logistics management; engineering and systems engineering; test and evaluation of manned and unmanned aerial systems; communication strategy and graphic design. 

AVIAN is headquartered in Lexington Park, Maryland with hundreds of employees located across the county. Overall, AVIAN provides a broad range of niche expertise to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR); the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and the Office of Naval Research as well as a variety of commercial clients including the Colorado Department of Transportation to name a few.


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