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Cifone assumes role as General Manager of AVIAN Consulting

Nov 30th, 2022

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Effective November 22, AVIAN, LLC announced Anthony Cifone as General Manager of its subsidiary, AVIAN Consulting, LLC.

AVIAN Consulting operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of AVIAN, LLC, an employee-owned government services company.

Before joining AVIAN, Cifone had a distinguished career with the U.S. Government, where he served many roles in the field of Engineering and as a Senior Executive Service where he held positions as Director of Propulsion and Power, Deputy Commander for Research and Engineering and Vice Commander of the Naval Air Systems Command.

“I’m excited to support the government again in a new capacity,” Cifone said. “As someone who came from the other side, I know how important it is to have timely and relevant guidance from qualified experts. Our experts at AVIAN Consulting will elevate your knowledge and provide business consulting services to ensure your success."

AVIAN Consulting provides business consulting services, including but not limited to Digital Engineering, Model-based Systems Engineering, Training and Workforce Development, Product Quality/Product Integrity, and Tactical and Strategic Leadership consulting.

“AVIAN has a team of incredibly talented individuals, and expert consultants have always been a part of our business model,” said Kevin Switick, AVIAN’s chief executive officer. “Within the last year, we’ve formalized our Consulting approach, and I’m thrilled to see Tony take the lead on our efforts to bring a tailored service, through our subsidiary, to current and new customers.”

Cifone holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from New York University and over 40 years of experience supporting the federal government.


AVIAN (*ae-v-yin*) is an employee-owned government services small business headquartered in Lexington Park, Maryland, with annual revenues exceeding $68 million.

We are resourceful, responsive, and reachable for our clients in program, financial, and logistics management; engineering and systems engineering; test and evaluation of manned and unmanned aerial, surface, and sub-surface systems; workforce development and training; and communication strategy and graphic design.

Our philosophy is simple. We care for our employees. Our employees care for our customers. Our customers care to return. Simply put, we take care of each other.

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