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Our Founders

Jeff Sherman, a former primary U.S. presidential candidate, and Kevin Switick, our resident Disney enthusiast, are the perfect dynamic-duo for our growing business.

Both visionary minds of their own kind, Kevin and Sherm have grown AVIAN from a small defense contracting company to a boutique government and commercial services company with several hundred employees supporting customers from coast-to-coast in the continental U.S.

How? Because they believe in us. No matter how large or small the impact, they believe we can make a difference. They’re the Mickey Goldmill's in our boxing corner telling us, "we’re gonna knock em' dead" ... and boy do we.

Jeff Sherman

The most down-to-earth company owner you’ll ever meet, Jeff Sherman, known as just "Sherm" to most, embraces the concept of ‘casual Friday’ every day. His affinity for never wearing a suit, tie, or for that matter, a belt or anything other than his trusted blue jeans has resulted in a theory that he’s never bought a pair of dress pants in his life.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy with an appointment from the land of the midnight sun, the State of Alaska, Sherm started his professional career as a Navy H-53 helicopter pilot with the callsign ‘Grumpy’. But don’t let his grumpy persona and gruff demeanor deceive you (he actually got his call sign because he looks like a certain cartoon character); Sherm genuinely cares about his employees. Innovative and resourceful, Sherm expects the best out of his company. Under his watchful guidance and ever-present frown, AVIAN has grown exponentially as a company and expanded beyond its founders’ highest hopes.

Some of Sherm’s favorite things are playing the banjo, saxophone and steel guitar; driving an 18-wheeler; and racing a car – none of which he has ever done.

Kevin Switick

Sherm’s better half, Kevin Switick, is never at rest. He is always searching for new opportunities that will propel us to the next level. With a childhood dream of being a Disney Imagineer, he puts his creative side to good use by building a corporate environment that focuses on people and entrepreneurship.

A graduate of Villanova University in Pennsylvania, Kevin started his career as a Navy H-60 helicopter pilot where he logged thousands of hours flying off the decks of Navy destroyers, some allegedly at night.

In his career, he put his Mechanical Engineering and Aviation Systems degrees to good use as a test pilot and instructor at the United States Naval Test Pilot School, which well suited his Navy callsign, ‘Professor.’

Despite wearing many hats at AVIAN, Kevin’s passion is educating, building and growing relationships with current and future employees, potential business partners and customers. 

With his celebrity status at the local Starbucks, Kevin is constantly offering open invitations for people to join him for a chat over his favorite “cup of joe.”

Thanks to Kevin, if you look hard enough, you can find Disney influences scattered throughout the AVIAN headquarters. No one should be surprised to walk into his office and find a portrait of Walt Disney on his wall, and a small rock on his desk upon which is inscribed one word…Gratitude.

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